Monday, December 21, 2009

New Date for Features Section Meeting

Features editor Linda Zhong was unable to come to her sectional meeting this morning due to Bus problems. We apologize for any inconvenience. She will be contacting writers who wrote features for Issue 3 sometime tonight/tomorrow. If you do not hear from her, be sure to contact her for more information.

She has rescheduled her meeting to after school Tomorrow, Dec. 22 in the Media Center. Please try to make it if she is the editor for your article.

Also, we are aware that this morning, there were many writers who came to their sectional meetings on time but their editors did not show or came too late. If you did come to your sectional meeting but missed your editor or your editor did not show up, please email Katherine so that you won't get a strike. Thanks!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Important: Final Issue 3 Information

UPDATED January Article Assignments -Please read and make sure it is absolutely correct. If something is wrong on this list or you still want to sign up for an article, email the DA gmail account.

Important Dates & Deadlines for Issue 3:
12/17 -All rough drafts due to SECTION EDITORS via email
12/17-12/21 -Sectional Meetings with Appropriate Section Editor (see schedule below or in document linked above)
12/22 -All final drafts due to SECTIONAL EDITORS via email
12/24 -All section articles due from sectional editors to COPY EDITORS via DA gmail acccount
12/30 -All final articles due to Mrs. Kupiec and layout for approval
Week of 1/18- Issue 3 is released!

Sectional Meeting Schedule:
-Thursday, 12/17-
Entertainment, 2:30PM in the Atrium

-Friday, 12/18-
Opinions, 7:00AM in Rm. 214

-Monday, 12/21-
Features, 7:00AM in the Media Center
Non-School News, 7:00AM in the Media Center
School News, 7:00AM in Rm. 214
Sports, 7:05AM in the Media Center

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tentative Article List: Please check!

Below is the link to the article topics for our third issue. Please ensure that all the information is correct.

If you did not sign up for an article topic yet, please email the DA gmail account by tomorrow, Wednesday, December 9th with the topic you wish to write about.

A new, updated version of this list, as well as a list of deadlines will be posted on Thursday after final article assignments have been received. We have MANY sections that need contributors -so feel free to sign up for more if you fee motivated.

January Article List (I tried to update the link so everyone has access to it...)

Remember that all rough drafts are due to section editors Thursday, December 17!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Full Staff Meeting Next Monday

Next Monday, Dec. 7, we will have a full staff meeting to assign article topics for the next issue which will come out mid-January. Please note, we will only be meeting in the morning, at 7AM. There will be no meeting in the afternoon. This meeting is mandatory: all editors and staff members MUST attend.

The meeting will be held in Rm. 214. Deadlines and other details for the upcoming issue will follow. Keep checking the blog for updates.