Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finalized Topics for Issue 4

Stay tuned for our section edit meetings....

Basketball- Evan M
Fencing- Katherine S
Hockey- Gautham
Spring Track- Jeff P
Volleyball- Dan M
Baseball- Zach
Seniors in College Sports- Zach

School News
BOE Final Verdict- Jillian T
International Humanitarianism Club- Anshika
Guitar Club- Lauren Cargo
Seussical Preview- Corey Catanese
Forensics- Allison Douglas
Faster Than a Ridge Runner- Ally S
World Language Month- Sam D
Art Department- Linda Zhong
School Store- Katherine S
Teachers & Testing Abuse- Alex S and John W

Arts & Entertainment
Music Review- Lauren Cargo
Farmstead Arts Center- Morgan Lochhead

Prom Dress Special- Charles G
Cost of Prom- Ava C
Student's opinions on Prom- Amanda Z

Non-school News
North Korea/UN Talks- Keysha
Hillary Clinton Update- Meghan O'S

Students and Families in the Economy- Sandra K
Sports and Equal Funding- JiLon
Do we really need to get into the best colleges?- Sonya
Coaches and Commitment- Howard
BOE Changes- Susanna Vogel

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