Thursday, October 1, 2009

Important Dates & Deadlines for Issue 1!

The following is the production timeline for our first issue. We will also post the complete list of articles on the blog as soon as we can.

10/9 –Rough drafts are due to sectional editors via email
10/9-10/13 –Staff members attend sectional meetings and meet with their editors for rough draft revisions (see below)
10/14 –Final drafts due to section editors via email
10/17 –Final drafts due to copy editors from section editors (via gmail account)
10/23 –All articles and art due to layout editors
10/26 -Yankee Candle Fundraising Materials are due!
First week of November: Issue is released!

Sectional Meeting Schedule:
Friday, Oct. 9
-School News, 7AM in Rm. 214
*EDIT* -Features, 7:05AM in Rm. 214

Monday, Oct. 12
-Sports, 7:05AM in Rm. 214

Tuesday, Oct. 13
-Opinions, 7AM in Rm. 214
-Entertainment, 2:30PM in Rm. 214

Please note that you MUST send your rough draft via email to your section editor on Friday, Oct. 9th, even if your sectional meeting is at a later date. Section editors must have all rough drafts in their inbox in a timely manner.

If you have any questions about meeting dates, deadlines, and your article topic, please consult your section editor.

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