Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Workshop Week: Nov. 9-12

During the week of November 9-12, The Devil’s Advocate will be holding a variety of workshops to hone the staff’s journalism skills. All of these workshops will be moderated by editors to help strengthen your skills in a variety of fun ways.

All writers will be required to attend a minimum of TWO workshops of their choice. Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of all the workshops available.

Additionally, we will be having a session for one-on-one help with editors for article drafts before the rough draft deadline. This will NOT count as one of the two required workshops, but it is a great way to set aside time to work on articles and confront any difficulties you may have.

Below is the workshop schedule for next week. All workshops will be held in Rm. 214. Please contact the editor holding the workshop if you have any specific questions.

Monday, Nov. 9

Writing News Articles -7AM with Amy Chen & Sandra Korn
How to write using the inverted pyramid and other essential elements to News-style writing. Will also talk about objectivity and attributing sources.

Tuesday, Nov. 10

Writing and Working with Features -2:30PM with Linda Zhong
What a features article really is and the initiative it requires of readers. Will also examine structure and how to make Features more media-oriented.

Wednesday, Nov. 11

The Hook: Grabbing your readers' attention -7AM with Morgan Lochhead
How to write strong leads and maintain the audience's interest.

Interviewing & Quoting -2:30PM with Katherine Simeon
A look at what questions to ask, how to get the information you want out of people, and the proper courtesy when interviewing. Will also discuss how to integrate research into writing.

Thursday, Nov. 12

Help Session -7AM with section editors
With the assistance of the sectional editors, complete your article before this issue's deadline.

Writing Opinions Pieces -2:30PM with Allison Douglis
How to write a strong opinions piece and why the code of ethics is important. Note: This is mandatory for first-year staff members who wish to write opinions articles this year!!

Friday, Nov. 13 -Rough Drafts due!

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